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Your Baby, Your Right to Sex Selection. But Is it Wrong?

Technological advances have upped the game by giving parents the option of selecting the sex of their child before pregnancy. It’s called sex selection (sometimes referred to as gender selection) and is possible by evaluating the genetic makeup of embryos formed in the lab to be implanted in the woman’s womb.

So You Want to Be an Egg Donor?

Egg donation is an incredibly altruistic opportunity to enhance the lives of others struggling with the pain of infertility. Deciding to donate is a complicated decision that should be carefully considered rather than accepted as an easy way to make money.

Does My Thyroid Matter?

Thyroid dysfunction is one condition affecting more women than men and many patients going through infertility. Dr. Scotchie discusses symptoms and treatment for those experiencing thyroid dysfunction and how it is associated with fertility.

How to Get Pregnant: Part 2

In part two, Dr. Murray’s advice on how to get pregnant includes preconception counseling and informing your obstetrician of your intention to get pregnant in order to go over important risks & medical history.