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My partner and I came to TRM seeking an IUI. We had our miracle baby in February 2022.

Katie and Keshia

“The best fertility clinic! When I first came to TRM, I was hopeless and never thought I’d be pregnant. I’ll never forget the day Dr. Murray said, “you are not hopeless, there are still several things we can try.” Dr. Murray and Dr. Scotchie both treat their patients with respect and are well informed about your case before walking into the room. They are willing to answer your questions and help in any way they can! The nursing staff and other office staff are wonderful as well! I never felt like I was just a number at this clinic. They design your plan of care around your specific needs. Definitely recommend to anyone struggling with infertility.”

Amber L.

“My husband and I love this facility and the people involved with it! They are very sweet, helpful and caring. Highly recommend TRM to anyone trying to have a baby.”

Brittany Bramlett

“Dr. Murray, Dr. Scotchie and all of the TRM staff went above and beyond to help me throughout my time at TRM. Without them, I would not have my two children.”

Hilary Smith

“I was very impressed with how familiar Dr. Scotchie was with my file when I walked into our consultation. She also was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the genetic disorder causing my recurrent pregnancy loss. Alexis at the front desk is also so lovely and happy every time I see her!”

Great Service at TRM!

“Dr. Scotchie is very informative and anytime I have needed her, I was able to get in touch with her nurse and get a response within a couple of hours. Exceptional service. During a scheduled surgery, she was 30 minutes EARLY. How often does that happen?”

Heather T.

“Short wait time and friendly staff.”


“TRM is so good at what they do. They all care and love you! I’ll forever be thankful for each person there!”

Holly Bearden

“Everyone was very friendly and helpful.”


“You guys are great ALL the way around!! Thank you all for helping us become a mommy and daddy ….. what a wonderful blessing! Y’all will forever have a special place in our story.”


Dr. Murray was so knowledgeable in the whole fertility process and explained everything in full detail and made you understand exactly what the next steps would be. I left there with so much more hope then I went with and I’m so thankful to have been referred to TRM.”

Tiffany Warren

Dr. Murray took his time talking with us during our first telehealth visit. He was upfront but encouraging. He gave us hope, but tempered our expectations. It was a breath of fresh air.”

Paula Cate

“This process has been a mental rollercoaster and Dr. Murray has been the best at explaining everything and shows compassion. It meant a lot that during my first visit he spent almost 40 minutes just explaining things. I truly love TRM”


“Y’all guys are amazing! Love the staff and both doctors! Madison, Kayla and Dr. Scotchie are all top notch! Love, love, love this place!!”


“They took their time, the doctors are caring and compassionate. The nurses are also amazing. Clean and private rooms, and they spend extra time with you anytime you need it.”

Bridget F.

“Love everything to do with this office. I couldn’t have asked for a better office to go through all this fertility stuff with.”

Amy B.

“Everyone was very friendly, Dr. Scotchie made me feel like I was in good hands. She explained things well and always asked if I had any questions. She didn’t push any decisions on me but gave me her suggestions for success.”


“Y’all are AMAZING! I loved the experience/service so much, I flew in from Charleston, SC, for my IVF treatments!”

Katie W.

“We are so grateful for Dr. Murray for helping us with our dream: having a family! He is a very honest doctor and he knows exactly what he’s doing. He helped us in every way he could and with God’s help we are now enjoying our twins! YES! We have twins – boy and a girl! Dr. Murray is a blessing to us! We thanked God for using him as an instrument to make our dreams come true. We highly recommend him to our friends and family!.”


“I left my initial appointment at TRM feeling so at ease and confident that Dr. Scotchie is going to do everything she can to help us. Two things stood out to me: she did not dismiss us because we’re young and told us that everyone deserves a chance, and she made sure to ask how we are doing emotionally and relationally. Clearly we are people at TRM, not just patients.”

E. Austin

“TRM will always hold a special place in my heart and I HIGHLY recommend them for their compassion and expertise in infertility. From the doctors, to the nurses, both embryologists and the front desk girls, they ALL make the journey (both successes and failures) an enjoyable one. Dr. Murray and Dr. Scotchie truly care about their patients and I always felt so comfortable and informed on every visit. If you are looking for a doctor, look no further and make your consultation today! You won’t be sorry!”


Jessica Scotchie is one of the kindest doctors we have ever seen so far. We thank God for finding her and for her being so nice with us despite the hundred times we visited her.”


“I am so thankful for TRM and for all the staff there. Everyone is great and willing to help. Dr. Murray is fantastic and really helped me feel at ease throughout the whole process. The nurses are great, I remember asking or emailing different nurses at times (not necessarily the one assigned to my case) and they were all willing to take the time to answer my questions, and I am the type that will ask several questions just to make sure I understood and that I was doing it correctly.”


“Professional and knowledgeable. At one point I remember her (Dr. Scotchie) explaining my diagnosis and enthusiastically drawing me diagrams along with it. This sort of attitude makes me really trust her expertise.”


Dr. Murray is amazing and helped us achieve our dream of having a baby! We welcomed our son in September after doing Mini IVF at TRM. I’m so thankful to him and all the nurses/staff there. Look no further if you are looking for a fertility Dr!”


“Best doctor ever. Guys trust me, if wasn’t for her (Dr. Scotchie) I probably never would be a dad.”


Dr. Murray & staff were great! I had a wonderful experience with them. They make sure you know everything you need to. He’s also going to explain everything from beginning to end. Awesome Fertility clinic would definitely recommend!”


Dr. Scotchie has the best bedside manner of any doctor I’ve ever met. She is kind and compassionate. She knows her specialty inside and out and keeps up to date on medical developments. Highly recommend.”


“Everyone is willing to help. I strongly recommend Dr. Murray and I can say I trust him with my life. Thanks to him our family is finally growing.”

Irasema Alvarado

“Loved the small facility. The nurse Rachael was precious. The entire process from consultation to positive pregnancy test was very short and much needed because I didn’t have much time due to my age. I was immediately drawn to TRM just from the website before my first appointment. Well worth driving 4 hours especially with my amazing outcome!”


“Everyone is so amazing here! We are now expecting baby Arnold September 4th 2019! Thank you guys for absolutely everything.”

Hallie & David

“The compassion from all staff is wonderful. My husband and I have been TTC for 4 years and have had some traumatic experiences. Dr. Murray gave us nothing but confidence, knowledge and understanding. He cares deeply and we feel like we’ve finally met the one who is going to make our dream come true.”


“I love the small feel of TRM. It was a refreshing change that we were able to see our doctor for every appointment. Communication was top notch as well as care. I recommend TRM to everyone I speak to. Well worth the 5 hour drive for every appointment. We will definitely be back for our future care.”


“My husband and I came to TRM with the expectation that the Drs. would just treat us like everyone else that came through the door and not truly care about our success. Within minutes of meeting Dr. Murray for the first time, we knew God had led us there, because he had compassion unlike most doctors. The whole team at TRM were wonderful from the start and every single one of them showed that they cared about our situation and our success from the beginning. I can’t say one bad thing about our experience there. Our hearts and family will be forever grateful to TRM for blessing us with our baby girl!”

Monica L. Swank

“My husband & I were very pleased with Dr. Scotchie, Dr. Murray & the entire office staff. Our main provider was Dr. Scotchie, she is absolutely beautiful inside and out. God used her as a vessel to bring two of our children into existence. We are very blessed.”


“Dr. Murray and his staff are amazing and I was very pleased with all my visits. My husband and I drove two hours each way to to see him and it was very worth it. I am now 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I have Dr. Murray and his office to thank for that. He takes time with you each visit and is very kind. You can tell he cares for his patients. I have been trying to have a baby for a very long time and have been to several specialists and I would make the drive again to see Dr. Murray.”


“Dr. Murray was fantastic! Both my husband and I really liked him. He was thorough, attentive and honest. I appreciated that he was direct when addressing our health issues while also being kind. He does not push any certain treatment path but instead gives you all the information and choices going forward. I truly felt that he wanted our medical care to reflect our preferences. I feel like we are at the right place in the right hands. All of the staff was incredibly kind. I especially appreciated that they understood I was waiting to hear on approval from my insurance company before billing me. This is the beginning of our journey, but I am very happy to be at TRM and thankful to have a top quality professional fertility clinic right here in Chattanooga.”


“I really enjoy working with everyone here so far. They make it a point to ensure they are doing all they can to ensure you are well taken care of as their patient. It helps to ease any tension and or anxiety you may feel while walking through this process. We greatly appreciate everything they have done to help us and make us feel welcome. We are so glad we chose TRM!”

Jeanette D.

“I appreciated the front desk contacting me about an earlier appointment that fit better with our schedules. Everyone was very nice and courteous and we had a very good experience.”


“I was so nervous when I came in for our appointment today, but after speaking with everyone (from the office staff to our doctor) I was so at peace. I even spoke to Shan on the phone prior to my appointment. She had no clue who I was, but she made it a point to stop in and say hi to us while we were waiting. You guys have got it going on!! Dr. Scotchie was so informative and really just allowed us to be who we were without judgement. I am so thankful for that. We are so blessed to be going on this journey with you guys by our sides. I feel so safe and secure in the decision we have made to trust TRM with our future.”

Rhonda & Josh

“This place was amazing! Everyone was so caring! Would definitely recommend to anyone who was having any fertility issues. :)”

Hannah N.

“Everything was amazing. It was my very first time doing IVF and had no clue about it, every question was answered by my nurse Linda. Felt like I was aggravating her but she was always so sweet and informative. Truly would recommend TRM to anyone. Thank you.”

Mrs. Golden

“I was very pleased with the whole experience! I left with answers to so many questions that I had for quite some time. For the first time, I felt like my concerns were being taken seriously.”

Pamela H.

“I was grateful that Dr. Rink Murray took the time to get to know us during our visit. I didn’t feel like we were just one more patient on his books that he was trying to ‘get through’ for the day. I appreciate that he took the time to explain various options and the possible outcomes and engaged us in the discussion as we began to map out the early stages of our surrogacy plan. We are looking forward to getting started!”


“I am so glad we chose TRM for our fertility needs. Everyone on the entire staff we have interacted with has been so genuinely nice and caring. That means so much to us. We only have experience with one other fertility clinic in a different city and that was not the case. They truly care. Thank you TRM!”


“We were very impressed by our overall experience with TRM. Everyone was professional, kind, and knowledgeable. We appreciated the promptness of all services and appointments. In addition to the high-quality service, there was a palpable culture of compassion and patience as we asked questions and made decisions. Dr. Murray‘s care was outstanding as he truly listened and provided information.”

Katherine Weldy

“I liked that Dr. Murray took his time to explain everything to me in a way I could understand and I felt very comfortable with the overall process during my first appointment.”

Whittney Taylor

“I love that your staff is so caring. The front desk staff is amazing! I’m always so nervous about coming in, but they are the first face I see and they put me at ease immediately. I’m so very thankful that TRM was the recommended fertility clinic that we use. I couldn’t be more happy with the staff and the facility!”


“My entire experience with TRM has been top notch. The entire staff – including the front desk staff, billing staff, nurses, lab staff and doctors – have been caring and professional from day one. Going through IVF can be an emotional and confusing process, but the TRM team is supportive, compassionate and reassuring. They always take the time to fully answer questions and address concerns. The doctors think outside the box and truly care about finding the cause of my infertility problems to ensure that we have a successful outcome.”


“Dear TRM,

There are no words that can express how grateful our family is for the gift that you helped bring into our lives. I know many others that have struggled with fertility in the same way that you have also touched. I can only imagine the impact that you made with them as well. As soon as we walked through your office door we were greeted by your clerical staff and the wonderful nurses that guided our way through the IVF process. Dr. Scotchie and Dr. Murray have both helped us through treatments. Our experience could not have been more perfect. Each visit and phone call was always reassuring and fulfilling. You work so well together as an entire office to ensure the best experience and results for your patients. I wanted to express to you as best that I can, how much we appreciated it. Our precious Ellyanna would not be here today if it wasn’t for you all and again we cannot thank you enough.

With deepest thanks and love,”


“I have nothing but positive things to say about TRM. Each visit was handled professionally even when the situation itself wasn’t ideal. My questions were always answered in a timely manner.”


“Overall we were extremely happy with our initial consultation with Dr. Scotchie and with the seamless process of our first IUI even though it was unsuccessful. We look forward to working with TRM for future treatment. The nurses and staff are so professional and kind. Also any questions that I had were answered promptly either through the patient portal or telephone calls. I would highly recommend TRM as an exceptional fertility clinic in the Chattanooga area.”


“I LOVED everything about the first visit! The front desk staff was wonderful, so friendly and helpful and nice! Dr. Murray was amazing, made us both feel so at ease. He really has an amazing way about him. My husband hates going to the doctor, but Dr. Murray even got him to relax and open up, something I don’t usually witness! He was reassuring, informative and helpful. I feel like we have a plan now, and even if that plan doesn’t work we have the support and alternative plans to make sure we are taken care of! I have no doubt I’ll get to be a mommy soon, thanks to you guys!”


“We had an amazing experience. We highly recommend it.”


“The doctors and staff at TRM are knowledgeable and professional. Prompt replies were always given for the messages I left for the nurse. My physician never rushed and spent a great amount of time to make sure that everything was explained to us. I highly recommend and have recommended others to this practice.”

S. Fehr

“Thank you for being kind, inviting, professional and knowledgeable! This goes for every single staff person we encountered at TRM.”

Dillon and Kristi

“My first visit went very well. We appreciated the physician taking time with us. We did not feel rushed and that is not common in healthcare.”


“Everything was great! Doctor Murray was very informative and answered every question and concern we had. Felt more relieved walking out than I’ve felt in a long time.”


Dr. Murray and all the staff at TRM, we can’t thank you enough for giving us our dream of becoming parents. After five years of trying and three early miscarriages, we had lost all hope. A genetic test had revealed Dave was born with a balanced translocation, a diagnosis that was overwhelming and very discouraging but at least we had our answer. After meeting with Dr. Murray we were cautiously optimistic and looked forward to what IVF with PGD could do for us. When we received the call from Shan that we had three normal embryos we were in utter shock! Transferring one embryo later we are now expecting and couldn’t be happier. The staff and Dr. Murray were so wonderful throughout the entire process and we couldn’t be more grateful for what they were able to do for us. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts… And we will see you all again when we’re ready to transfer the next. :)”

Sarah and Dave

“The staff and both doctors are the BEST in the REGION!!!”

Bridget F.

“Love love love Dr. Scotchie. I couldn’t be happier to have found this office. Since day 1 of my appointment she’s been on top of my fertility problem. She’s very compassionate and she’s very patient with my questions. The staff was amazing since day 1 of my appointment.”


“I was very anxious and nervous about my first visit, all of that quickly went away upon entering the office. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I am very pleased.”

Brooke K.

“I loved and enjoyed my consultation and my couple of appointments after that. I received great information, options, and hope. Dr. Murray has a peaceful presence that puts you at ease and a perfect bedside manner.”


“I have no suggestion for improvement. It was a great experience and helped put our minds at ease.”


“After visiting a different reproductive endocrinologist where my husband and I found ourselves with loss of hope, we came for a second opinion thinking we were just going to hear the same message that gave us this feeling. I was in shock with the whole experience. The staff was friendly and helpful, I wasn’t just a number, care was individualized, and they truly wanted to help. We now have renewed faith that our family may be expanding soon.”

Ashley C.

“When my husband and I decided we were ready to have a baby, we weren’t real sure where to start. The traditional method was not an option for us. He’d had a vasectomy over 15 years ago and I have had my own set of challenges.

After some extensive online research, we found TRM. We were immediately impressed by their statistics and their clients’ testimonies. In our initial meeting with Dr. Scotchie, she spent plenty of time with us explaining our options and the process involved with each option, allowing us to ask dozens of questions. We were then able to make an informed decision on how we wanted to start our family. Although the process and procedures were a little scary, the staff at TRM provided a comforting environment through it all.

Now, we have a healthy, happy baby boy! He was born at 41 weeks and weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs., 13 oz.! The journey has been incredible so far. The joy of waking up every morning to his smiles and giggles, and the love I feel while holding our sweet baby in my arms at night outweighs any and all of the difficulties that led up to his arrival. We are so blessed and thankful for our answered prayers and the assistance we received from TRM.”


“The care you receive from either doctor is outstanding. You are able to see them at every visit and they genuinely care. You are not identified as a number or statistic ( even though TRM statistics are pretty great). You can have peace knowing financially they will not advise you if there are other options that are more affordable.

They love what they do and we love them for doing it!”


“My husband and I just wanted to say thank you. It was really nice to know that Dr. Murray and a few others knew who we were without us even having to say a word. We cannot thank you enough for everything each and everyone of you have done for us.

We appreciate the hugs, kind words and even the feeling of family every time we came in. Our sweet little angels are almost 7 months old and we couldn’t have chosen any place better than TRM! The knowledge and compassion you all have is very comforting.

Thank you again for everything. We are Blessed to have Adalyn and Clayton in our life.”

Kelly S.

“No words are great enough to express what we feel. Dr. Scotchie and Dr. Murray are the best doctors and the nurses and TRM staff are amazing and made me feel at ‘home.’

I have PCOS and had been trying to get pregnant for three years. Through recurrent miscarriages, we refused to give up and finally our dream came true. We couldn’t be happier to have our baby boy, Benicio.

In every single way, TRM was there for us – not because we were paying, but because they care about us. We are complete now. We are a family. Thank you, Dr. Scotchie and Dr. Murray for the help, love and care.

We were determined to not give up and here we are with our little boy. I have never been so happy in my life I am finally a mommy. When I gave birth, I felt glory and the presence of God by my side. Life is beautiful!”

Milena, Alvin and Benicio

“I have met countless physicians in my life – my own brother is one of them – and none have compared to the amiable spirit of Dr. Jessica Scotchie.

IVF is an overwhelming process…however, Dr. Scotchie remarkably made the ordeal bearable. I had many questions that I left on the message line from time to time, and she called me repeatedly to answer each one.

She even called from home over a holiday when news from my test results demanded such. She distracted me from the magnitude of the appointments themselves with casual conversation and her cheery countenance.

The knowledge that the staff actually cared about me as a person and not about practicing science for its own sake made the difference.”

C., Virginia

“Dr. Scotchie,

There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to you and the entire TRM staff. Not only did you make my dream of a family a reality, but you also repaired the hole that was once in my heart. I am forever indebted to you and truly appreciate everything you do.”

K., Chattanooga

“Dear Dr. Scotchie, Murray and TRM staff,

We wanted to send you all a note to say thank you. We are so glad we chose your clinic. The staff always made us feel very welcome and at ease. The doctors were very professional and helped us through the entire process. So thank you for everything. You helped make my family complete and that is the greatest thing I could ever ask for.”

T., Chattanooga

“T. was 48 and I was 39 when we began our journey to fulfill our life-long dream of having a child. We began trying right away after we were married. This was the second marriage for both of us but our first attempt at having a child. Due to my advanced maternal age, I had some concerns with the outcome.

We tried unsuccessfully for 5 months without any fertility assistance. Not wanting to ‘waste’ more time, we had the basic specimen testing done for Tim. My Ob/Gyn assisted us with our first attempt with a small dose of Clomid and an IUI. This attempt was unsuccessful. I underwent a radiology procedure to ensure my fallopian tubes were open and the results were good. After a second unsuccessful attempt with Clomid and IUI, we chose to visit the experts at Tennessee Reproductive Medicine.

To be perfectly honest, I was determined to go out of town to Johnson City to a well-known group that was recommended by several of my friends. However, my Ob/Gyn encouraged me to try TRM before I made the long drive to Johnson City. I agreed to at least meet with Dr. Murray.

We met with Dr. Murray and right away felt comforted in knowing that he and his wife personally experienced the trials of fertility challenges.

Immediately, Dr. Murray began testing and “mapping” my cycle. With his FIRST ultrasound, Dr. Murray identified a polyp in my uterus. Apparently, this polyp was acting as a mechanism to prohibit implantation of any egg that might be fertilized. He educated us on the problem, scheduled and performed the procedure to remove the polyp and coordinated our schedule for the upcoming cycle. While removing the polyp, Dr. Murray found and removed a second polyp that was undetected on ultrasound.

With the first month of meeting Dr. Murray, he had identified our challenge and corrected it. Within the second month, we completed self-injecting the recommended medication regimen and attempted another IUI with Dr. Murray. This resulted in a positive pregnancy!!!

Today, we have a healthy, happy 4 month old little boy named Trace. He is the joy of our lives and we attribute this to Dr. Murray and his team at Tennessee Reproductive Medicine.

How could we ever thank you enough to express the joy and love that we share with out little angel?”

Michelle T.

“Dear Dr. Murray,
This is probably one of the most difficult notes we’ve ever had to write because how do you properly thank the person who helped God give you what you spent years trying and praying for?

A simple ‘thank you’ does not seem like enough, but we are so thankful to you for your care, your love, your honesty, your expertise and just simply for you. Even if things had not turned out as great as they have, we would still be thankful to you and our experience at TRM. Even during the hard times, we never left feeling anything other than love and care. God put you in our path at a very difficult time in our lives. We can never thank Him or you enough. May He richly bless you.”

S.D., Chattanooga (pregnant with singleton after IVF)

“TRM Staff,

I started writing this letter in my head back in April, because I knew that no matter what the outcome, my husband and I had found the right place for us to be. You all know our history, and we had decided that this was our last stop. Nothing I say in this letter will actually express how thankful we are for each of you. This experience has not been completely smooth – infertility never is. But the way you have supported us and laughed with us has made our experience much easier than I ever imagined. Coming to visit once, twice or three times a week never felt like a burden because there were always smiling faces and friendly chatter.

More than that, with you we found peace of mind. So, thank you! Thank you for all the pictures and updates, thank you for hiring front office staff who are always so sweet and helpful. And most of all, thank you for the chance to give our daughter a sibling. We promise to keep in touch and let you know how things progress!”

S.M., Chattanooga (pregnant with singleton after IVF)

“Dear Dr. Murray, we only wish we could express how much we appreciate all you have done for us. We feel this way not only because we have had such a positive experience and outcome, but because your kindness, care and connection with us has been a great healing comfort.

We went from tears at just the sight of your office to looking forward to appointments. You made us laugh, reassured us, took the time we needed, but always let us know with honesty the realities we faced. Your care really did help us deal with our infertility emotionally, and we know we are stronger individuals with a closer, stronger marriage because of it. We could never repay you for all that you have given us.

Words seem inadequate. You shared yourself with us, and it made all the difference in our treatment. We are forever indebted because you went above and beyond service as a physician. You became a support and a friend, and we don’t know how we would’ve made it without you.”

E. & C.

“Dear Dr. Murray, this letter was going to be written regardless of the outcome of our fertility treatment. We are extremely grateful to you. From the beginning, your candor, honesty and especially your willingness to share your personal experiences set us at ease. We always knew exactly where we stood and you quickly realized that our decisions were data and fact driven. You did an excellent job of giving us extensive data which was the only way that we were going to feel comfortable. You did this while eliminating confusion.

Your fact based, direct counsel was greatly appreciated and helped us make the best decision concerning IVF. You were extremely accessible to us through our decision process and we completed a successful transfer. We were very pleased that all of these procedures were performed by Dr. Murray.

We do not write letters or generally comment on our experiences. This entire process has been far above our highest expectations. We will continually tell others about the great experiences we had there and will gladly refer others in our situation to you.”

Jennifer (West Memphis, AR)

“Dr. Jessica Scotchie took care of Aaron and I from March 2008 until she graduated from the UNC REI fellowship in June 2008. We were both new to the world of REI and IVF and Dr. Scotchie assisted us in the pursuit of having a family. Dr. Scotchie has the best bedside manner we have encountered. She has a wonderful personality that extends to her patient care. Dr. Scotchie takes the time to answer all of the questions her patients may have. She is extremely knowledgeable and her procedure skills are top notched. It seemed that Dr. Scotchie went out of her way to meet all of our REI needs.  We would recommend Dr. Scotchie to anyone.”

Lara L., RN (Graham, NC)