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Roe v. Wade ruling, Tennessee legislation & fertility

We understand patients' nervousness about the Supreme Court abortion ruling. Currently, our understanding is that no current legislation or the impending new abortion ban in Tennessee changes your ability to make independent decisions about your fertility treatment or embryos.

TRM is working closely with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), RESOLVE, the Tennessee Medical Association (TMA) and state attorneys to make sure we understand all implications for our patients.

TRM’s physicians are developing patient advocacy and education materials for our website and social media sites in coming weeks. We encourage you to stay tuned/sign up for website and Facebook updates. We assure everyone that we will stay current with legal changes and patient information.

Lastly, we encourage all patients to join RESOLVE, the National Infertility Awareness Organization, to stay informed on how to become active in local efforts to protect reproductive rights.


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