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What Makes Tennessee Reproductive Medicine Fertility Clinic Different?

Our doctors support patients every step of the way

Dr. Jessica Scotchie and Dr. Rink Murray, who make our fertility clinic different |Tennessee Reproductive Medicine | Chattanooga, TNThe physicians at the TRM fertility clinic take a hands-on approach to patient care, building relationships and taking the time to listen to each person’s unique story. For patients struggling to have a family, they understand the way infertility brings turmoil and stress to everyday life and do everything they can to minimize anxiety.

The doctors are present at every clinical visit, and even perform their own sonograms, so patients get immediate results and the one-on-one physician time they deserve.

Not all TRM patients are trying to conceive. Dr. Murray and Dr. Scotchie also see many consultations for complex gynecologic disorders such as endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain, adhesions, and reproductive endocrinology disorders such as premature or delayed puberty, abnormal bleeding, premature menopause and menopause.

Our fertility clinic offers an extensive range of fertility services & treatments

We have a state-of-the-art lab & superior donor screening standards

  • Our laboratory is custom-designed with low-VOC building materials and the most advanced technological equipment.
  • Our standards for egg donation go above and beyond the FDA requirements:
    • Each egg donor is screened for more than 100 genetic diseases
    • Donors are required to complete an in depth one on one consult with a psychologist, and must complete a two-hour personality inventory test (MMPI) to fully screen for abnormal behaviors, personality disorders and psychiatric diseases

We offer a range of lower-cost treatment options

We offer options for patients traveling to the TRM fertility clinic

  • New patients living out of state or far away from Chattanooga, TN, can get started with treatment remotely by scheduling a phone consultation as their first appointment.
  • Phone consultations are a great opportunity to evaluate the fertility process based on available medical records, although they do not replace a physical examination.
  • Consult fees ($300) are not covered by insurance.
  • Call our Chattanooga clinic at 423-509-8094 for more details and to schedule a time.
  • Download the phone consultation disclaimer form to get started

We are committed to giving back to the community

  • We proudly sponsored Pink, a local cancer fundraiser, and Styleworks, a fundraiser for Siskin Children’s Institute
  • We celebrate and support the families we’ve helped build, and host an annual Mother’s Day party
The TRM fertility clinic family at our annual Mother's Day Party |Tennessee Reproductive Medicine | Chattanooga, TN
The TRM Family at our annual Mother’s Day Party