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Newsletter Archive


Special Issue: National Infertility Awareness Week

April: Alabama Embryo Ruling, Managing Stress Amid Infertility and a Fertility Road Trip

February: Being Sensitive to Infertility, Second Opinions Open Doors, and New Embryologist Opportunity


December: PCOS Triumph, Diabetes Clarity, and Ab Exercise Tips

November: Fertility Talk: A New Narrative

October: 15 Years of Family Building

September: PCOS Myths & Misconceptions

August: No Sperm? No Problem.

July: Loss Tested Them. Love Still Won.

June: A Family They Never Expected

April: You’re Not Alone and Not Forgotten

March: Fertility Doesn’t Have To End With Endometriosis

January: Cancer Doesn’t Have to End Fertility


December: Egg Freezing Success 

November: Coping During the Holidays

October: Proud to Be a Partnered Center

September: Hirsutism, PCOS & Infertility

August: Improve Chances of Pregnancy

July: Roe v. Wade Ruling & TN Legislation

May: You Asked, We Answered

April: Advocate for Your Fertility

April: Announcing TRM’s New Patient Portal

February: At Home vs. Clinic Fertility Tests


December: Tips for Trying to Get Pregnant

November: Checklist of Pregnancy Problems

October: Honoring 13 Years of TRM

September: Stand Up to PCOS

August: The TRM Difference

June: Let’s Start the Conversation

April: National Infertility Awareness Week 

March: What Do You Know About Endo?

February: Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Pregnancy?


December: Celebrating Our Patients

November: Celebrating 12 Years 

October: Fertility Preservation Options

September: Discover Facts, Debunk Myths

August: Face Mask Do’s and Don’ts

July: Plan Your Future, Preserve Now

June: New COVID-19 Procedures

April: Raising Awareness

March: Coronavirus Update

February: Today’s Progress, Tomorrow’s Potential


December: Thank You for Another Great Year

November: Fielding Fertility Questions

October: IVF Is IVF, Right?

September: Inspire Others With Your Fertility Journey

August: IVF Success Three Times Over

July: Live, Laugh, Increase Fertility

June: Considering IVF?

April: #InfertilityUncovered

March: Endometriosis Awareness Month

February: Tell Us About Your Little Miracle


December: Happy Holidays from TRM

November: #CelebrateTRM Party Photos

September: Celebrate 10 years of TRM

July: The TRM difference 

June: Men’s Health Month

May: Driven to succeed

April: Together we can #FlipTheScript

March: All the miles made worthwhile

February: Facing infertility together

January: Tell us about your visit to TRM


December: Announcing the Hope for the Holidays giveaway winners

November: Hope for the Holidays IVF giveaway

September: Confront PCOS with confidence

August: Unearthing the underlying cause of infertility

June: A journey of a thousand miles for IVF treatment

May: Dr. Murray’s personal battle with infertility

April: National Infertility Awareness Week

March: A U.S. congressional bill threatens to ban IVF

February: A different kind of IVF: One couple’s Mini-IVF story


December: Anonymous gift of an IVF cycle brings holiday joy

November: Eight years of family building: Our first IVF baby turns 7

October: After recurrent miscarriage, frozen embryos offer another chance

September: Dr. Murray speaks to Fox TV for PCOS Awareness Month

August: What kind of doc? A dancing fertility doc

July: Boy or Girl? Thoughts on gender selection

May: Don’t delay pregnancy for fear of the Zika virus

April: TRM supports National Infertility Awareness Week

February: Running over your fertility?

January: Why you need the “pregnancy hormone”


December: A chattanooga miracle, naturally

November: Hoping for a holiday miracle?

October: The complete egg donation guide

July: A successful clinic is more that its numbers

June: Why one is better than two

May: Preserving your fertility 

April: IVF, it’s only natural

March: The disclosure dilemma

February: Patient-to-patient: infertility tell-all

January: The results are in!


December: Hope during the holidays

November: Social egg freezing

October: TRM baby party!

September: You’re invited

July: Does my thyroid really matter?

May: Trying to conceive?

March: Becoming a mom

January: Chattanooga’s best doctors


November: Celebrating our birthday

September: The power of hope

July: LA to TN for fertility success 

May: BRCA and fertility

March: Fertility & Downton Abbey

January: Celebrity infertility