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Financial Counseling & Infertility Treatment

As part of our total commitment to our patients, we offer private financial counseling appointments at no additional cost. We understand that fertility treatment often raises significant questions and concerns regarding money. Our mission is to work as advocates for each our patients, helping them understand what approach to treatment best fits their budget, while verifying insurance coverage, discounts, lending and guarantees as needed.

The benefits of financial counseling for infertility treatment

Our financial counseling appointments are relaxed, one-on-one consultations. Our goal is not to push you toward a purchase. Rather, we aim to empower you with knowledge that will allow you to make the most informed decision possible on your own terms and timeline. Outlined below are a few benefits of the financial counseling services we offer.

Get prior authorizations & estimates

With years of experience in medical billing and working with health insurance companies, we can communicate with your insurance provider on your behalf, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from your plan. Every individuals’ health care plan and employer coverage is unique, and costs can vary significantly. This is particularly true for high-deductible plans. Once we have a detailed picture of your coverage, we can provide you with cost estimates for a variety of treatment options, including detailed explanations of non-covered services and their associated costs.

Understanding your benefits and potential costs empowers you to make the decisions that best align with your financial and family planning goals.

Understand treatment costs and success rates

During financial counseling you will learn about the various treatments available as recommended by your physician and the cost associated with each treatment. For example, TRM offers three approaches to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Standard IVF may be appropriate for many patients, but natural cycle and mini-IVF use fewer medications, which translates to lower cost to the patient. Depending on the patient’s physical condition, these options may also mean lower odds of success.

Your doctor will coordinate closely with our financial counseling professionals, providing info from your consultation. This will allow you and the financial counselor to gain a complete understanding of your situation from both a medical and financial standpoint.

Enroll in TRM’s IVF Guarantee & other unique TRM discount programs

If you’re considering IVF, you may be eligible for our IVF Guarantee Program. This program is the only one of its kind in Tennessee, and fully refunds patients who do not have a live birth after completion of their IVF treatment cycle(s). Certain criteria must be met for enrollment, and financial counseling can help you determine if this program is right for you.

Learn More About our IVF Guarantee

Patients may also opt to purchase multiple IVF cycles at a time, which can cut costs up to 20 percent. We also proudly offer a service worker discount to active members of the military, police and firefighting departments.

Explore other discount opportunities and healthcare lending programs

In addition to the above, we coordinate with a number of third party organizations that offer fertility medication discounts, special pricing for patients preserving their fertility prior to cancer treatment and more. Your financial counselor will gain a full understanding of your case so you can take advantage of all money-saving programs available to you.

Ready to take the next step to financial counseling?

Call us or fill out an online form to set up a consultation. If you’re already a patient, reach out to schedule a financial counseling appointment.

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