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Ethical Concerns

Your Baby, Your Right to Embryo Sex Selection. But Is it Wrong?

Technological advances have upped the game by giving parents the option of selecting the sex of their child before pregnancy. It’s called sex selection (sometimes referred to as gender selection) and is possible by evaluating the genetic makeup of embryos formed in the lab to be implanted in the woman’s womb.

Why Success Rate Numbers Don’t Add Up to Real Success

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine has been fortunate this year to receive a lot attention for having some of the highest IVF success rates in the country. While the attention these numbers bring is nice to experience, we don’t — and never have — measure our success rates just in “numbers.”

An REI’s Bad Language

Some fertility patients want multiples, but Dr. Murray talks about twins, triplets, quadruplets and why multiples can pose several risks during pregnancy and after.

Second Opinions

Why get a second opinion? Dr. Murray explains that there are many reasons patients consider a second opinion, but the agendas of doctor and patient may completely alter the advice you receive.

Playing God

Dr. Murray recalls when he was an Ob/Gyn resident and told a nurse he wanted to be a reproductive endocrinologist. A look of disgust spread across her face. “It’s so immoral. It’s playing God.”