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Personal Stories

Why Does Infertility Awareness Matter to Me?

“After 11 years in the field of infertility, and having cared for thousands of infertility patients, having listened to their stories, celebrated their pregnancies and cried with them during their losses, I feel just as dedicated and passionate about caring for infertile patients as I did when I chose the field.”

The Patient I Failed

Doctors don’t always take failure too well. Dr. Murray exposes the hardest part about medical failures…someone was counting on you and you didn’t deliver.

Playing God

Dr. Murray recalls when he was an Ob/Gyn resident and told a nurse he wanted to be a reproductive endocrinologist. A look of disgust spread across her face. “It’s so immoral. It’s playing God.”

The Unspeakable Truth

Dr. Murray reveals his own struggle with infertility with his wife, the pain they felt and how they were both secretly ashamed of it and didn’t want to admit it.