Tennessee Reproductive Medicine Partners With Elite Concierge Nurses

TRM offers new in-home fertility injection services through a network of board-registered nurses.

Chattanooga, Tenn. (December 18, 2019) ­– Tennessee Reproductive Medicine (TRM) is pleased to offer patients utilizing fertility injection medications for treatments a new convenient service with the help of Elite Concierge Nurses. This service offers in-home support and injections performed by Tennessee and Georgia board-registered nurses.

The Elite Concierge Nurses organization was developed to assist people with post-operative care and self injections. With a goal of lowering the anxiety and stress associated with infertility care, the Elite Concierge Nurses is a valuable asset to TRM’s patients.

Many patients undergoing fertility treatment have to use injectable fertility drugs. These injections can be one of the most stressful parts of fertility treatments. The service can be particularly useful for women needing intramuscular injections who do not have another person around who can help administer them. By partnering with Elite Concierge Nurses, TRM patients now have the option to receive safe, daily injections from a healthcare professional.

“Injectable medications can be intimidating for anyone, but the prospect of self-injection on a daily basis is even more so,” said Dr. Rink Murray, TRM’s co-founder and practice director. “We are happy to offer our patients an option to relieve some of this stress.”

For more information on utilizing the services of Elite Concierge Nurses, contact TRM at 423-509-8094 or online.

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