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Info about the Fujifilm embryo culture oil

You may have heard about the recent recall of an embryo culture oil produced by Fujifilm Irvine Scientific due to the manufacturer learning of concerns some labs were seeing in poor embryo development when cultured in the oil.

We want to reassure our patients that we have never used and do not currently use the recently recalled Fujifilm Irvine Scientific oil products to culture embryos. We maintain our commitment to providing the highest quality lab environment for our IVF patients. The recall demonstrates that, as with many medical treatments, problems can arise despite the best efforts of a medical practice. While we cannot predict the future to know if a different manufacturer that we use would ever need to recall an IVF lab product, we can promise our patients full transparency if something like that were to occur so they can be informed on the various factors that may or may not have affected their embryo culture. This is important in helping couples who have had poor IVF outcomes make more informed decisions on if they should try IVF again.