Patient Stories

The Power of Hope

A couple writes their success story How do you say thank you to someone who has helped make one of your biggest dreams come true? Honestly, I do not know. My humble words will not adequately express the amount of gratitude we hold in our hearts for the TRM staff as a whole. We came … Continued

From L.A. to Chattanooga for Fertility Success

A success story written by our patient Let me start by saying that I live in Los Angeles, CA and went through several unsuccessful IVF treatments here in California first before coming to Tennessee Reproductive Medicine (TRM) for a very successful IVF treatment. I started fertility treatments at age 37. My husband and I encountered … Continued

With Faith & Trust, Couple is Doubly Blessed

The Talberts knew that starting a family as an older couple might not be particularly easy. Michelle and Tim each believed their biological clocks would soon quit ticking and the time to have children was upon them. As a nurse, Michelle met her husband, a cardiac electrophysiologist, through mutual friends. Both were on their second … Continued