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TTC Triumph: PCOS Treatment & IVF End Six Years of Longing

Facing infertility & PCOS head-on with TRM’s expertise helps this military family trying to conceive (TTC) grow

Carrie & Trent holding Harper Ann after their journey TTC | Tennessee Reproductive Medicine | Chattanooga
Carrie, Harper Ann & Trent Dorsey

Carrie and Trent’s story isn’t just about becoming parents; it’s a saga of six years, numerous setbacks and an unwavering belief in the power of persistence. From Alabama to Georgia and then to Tennessee, their tale is a rollercoaster ride of persistence that led to the doors of Tennessee Reproductive Medicine (TRM).

A southern beginning and a dream of family

The couple’s story began with sweet Southern charm. Meeting through mutual friends, they found love and companionship. Not long after exchanging vows, the couple’s dreams were filled with the pitter-patter of little feet. The journey that lay ahead, however, was not the smooth ride they had envisioned.

Counting negative pregnancy tests with PCOS

The diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) presented an added layer of complexity, making her path to motherhood an uphill battle. With eggs that were hesitant to cooperate, Carrie’s determination and Trent’s unwavering support became their fiercest allies in this tumultuous journey.

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Carrie was diagnosed with PCOS about a year before her marriage to Trent. She was told at the get-go that it would mean it would be harder to get pregnant, but she found it even more difficult than expected.

PCOS’s grip meant that her eggs weren’t just playing hard to get, they were the ultimate experts in hide and seek. Following her diagnosis, Carrie’s OB/GYN prescribed metformin in hopes of addressing the intricate aspects of PCOS. Metformin, a commonly used medication, was considered a potential solution due to its insulin sensitizing property, which can benefit fertility. This was coupled with ovulation tracking in the hopes of conceiving naturally.

However, as Carrie shares, her experience took a different route. Six years of heartbreak – months spent gazing at negative pregnancy tests – became the backdrop to Carrie’s life. Amidst this ardent endeavor, tragedy struck in the form of a chemical pregnancy – a term used to describe an early pregnancy loss shortly after conception. This heart-wrenching experience left her emotionally and physically exhausted.

In this time of stress, the couple turned to each other.

“Trent is my rock,” Carrie says. “He was always steadfast that if we wanted a family it was going to happen one way or another. His faith, positivity and calming presence were her pillars. “My biggest cheerleader, my biggest supporter, that’s him.”
Together, they decided it was time to seek out the help of a fertility specialist.

The beacon of hope when TTC: Tennessee Reproductive Medicine

Baby Harper Ann dressed up for Valentines Day | TRM BabyIn the world of fertility treatments, TRM’s ratings shone bright, beckoning Carrie with promises of success. With Dr. Jessica Scotchie on her side, Carrie’s resolve only strengthened.

“My OB/GYN said that it [metformin] could help with inflammation and can help women get pregnant without a lot of medication. In my case, unfortunately, it didn’t. None of my eggs would drop. They would always just absorb into my ovaries. That was a problem that Dr. Scotchie was able to realize,” Carrie adds.

Under the guidance of TRM, the couple embarked on a path they hoped would lead them to their long-awaited child. The couple’s journey kicked off with an in-depth consultation. Dr. Scotchie conducted a thorough evaluation of their medical history and fertility concerns, charting a personalized roadmap for their treatment.

“I knew I just wanted to go straight to IVF (in vitro fertilization), if possible, and after reviewing my history Dr. Scotchie agreed,” Carrie shares, underscoring the importance of a tailored approach to fertility treatment. “She really understood where we came from and guided us.”

IVF triumph’s for the couple trying to conceive

Harper Ann in a dress | TRM BabyIVF was their answer, their ray of hope. Within a month the couple underwent ovulation induction and transfer.

“I cannot complain, we got our daughter off the first round of implantation,” Carrie says, a testament to their resilience. She continually had to remind herself that it was real; she still does.

“I cried every ultrasound, just to know that she was there and growing,” Carrie says.

Reality came into sharp focus on October 15, 2022. Forever etched in memory, the date marked Harper Ann’s arrival. After six years of yearning and striving, Carrie and Trent’s joy knew no bounds. “Gratefulness” is the word that sums it up, a blend of gratitude for TRM’s role, unwavering support and the unexpected moments of magic life has to offer.

In fact, while sharing this story the couple is undergoing treatment with TRM again. This time it is taking more rounds, but Carrie’s message is clear: “You just can’t give up.”

She adds, “Just don’t settle for anyone.” And while there may be ups and downs, there’s a silver lining for many families.

“Hopefully, they are going to get the precious little gift of a child from God.”