Messages From TRM During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine (TRM) fertility specialists share video messages related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent one is at the top.

Changes at TRM due to COVID-19


Recorded 4/17/2020

Hi Everybody,

Today I’d like to show you a little bit about what we’re going to be doing at TRM when we reopen to try to keep everybody as safe as possible in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, things will look a little bit different when you first pull up to the clinic.

New procedures at TRM

When you walk up to the clinic door, you’ll see that we have a notice here, that will show you that we’re going to now have patients be staying in their cars and texting us to notify us when they are here. And then we will have a representative come out and bring you directly back to the examination room, and this is to help prevent crowding in the waiting room. For patients who do have to sit briefly in the waiting room, what you’ll see is that we’ve removed a lot of the chairs to create more distance between people. So as you’ll see – less places to sit. But the purpose is to keep everybody apart.

We will also have all patients wearing masks, as well as all employees who are interacting with patients. So, we ask that you please bring in a mask that you have at home. We will keep some spare masks at the front desk to help anyone who forgets.

We will be screening patients for any symptoms of infection and taking temperatures and asking if they’ve had any cough, fever or if they’ve been around anyone who has had these symptoms within the last few weeks. And if the answer is “yes,” then we will – for the patients safety as well as the staff and other patient safety – have to reschedule those visits.

Clinic visitors

Another difference that you’ll notice is we do unfortunately have to limit the number of people who can come in to visit. So while normally we encourage partners to attend visits, this is unfortunately a time when we have to limit visits only to the patient. And so the patient alone will come back to the exam rooms for the exam, and we will try to do everything we can to keep the patient in that room for all necessary procedures, for their ultrasound, for their blood draw, rather than having to move them around from different areas.

And then the final thing that you’ll see is at the check-in and check-out area we will be installing plexiglass between the receptionist and the patients. Again just to try to help minimize any spread of infection. So it will look different but the care’s the same, and we are excited to see all of you back and we can reopen. Take care.

Thinking of our patients during COVID-19


Recorded 4/16/2020
Hi Everyone,

I’m Jessica Scotchie, and given the COVID-19 pandemic and our inability to see our wonderful patients every day, Dr. Murray and I have decided to make some short video clips to reach out and stay connected. And we just want all of our existing patients to know that we are thinking of you, all of you during this very, very challenging time between the coronavirus and now the tornadoes that have devastated Chattanooga and the surrounding area.

We want you to know that our hearts and thoughts are with all of you and we can’t wait to reopen to be able to see each of you and continue to take care of you. For those of you who are thinking about setting up a new appointment but nervous about going out in the community and coming in at the clinic, we would love to see you using our telemedicine consultation.

It’s been wonderfully effective in the last couple of weeks at helping us stay in contact and take care of new patients and at least get evaluations started. So until we can see you in person, we hope to be able to see you at least online; post us videos on how you’re doing and keep us posted. And just know that we’re thinking of you very much. Bye-bye.