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Finding a Way Through PCOS

A patient success story

Wood Family After two years of marriage, my husband and I were ready to expand our family, however I was concerned about my PCOS diagnosis. I explained to my husband that it could be hard for me to get pregnant, but he did not believe that we would have any difficulty.

Several months of trying to conceive passed before I was referred to Dr. Scotchie for infertility treatment. It was just as I had suspected, I was having difficulties conceiving because my body was not releasing an egg regularly due to my PCOS symptoms.  PCOS can disrupt ovulation and cause infertility. We can help you get pregnant by working around PCOS.

From the moment I met Dr. Scotchie I just loved her, she made me feel like she cared about me and my situation and that I wasn’t just a number. She was patient and worked with my husband and I month after month for over a year, and every time the tests came up negative, I felt like she shared my pain.

My husband and I decided to take a break from treatment during the middle of that year to focus on getting me to a healthier weight. Once I felt I was in a healthier place, we decided to start trying again.

Things felt great at the beginning, until we were given a devastating false positive result. I became depressed over my obsession to get pregnant. Dr. Scotchie was so supportive and helpful to me while I was going through such a hard time and even referred me to a counselor who specialized in the kind of grief I was dealing with. Trisha Henderson, my counselor was there to help me with my emotional needs while Dr. Scotchie continued to help with my physical needs.

While working with both Dr. Scotchie and Trisha for a little while, my husband and I found success. Once we received the news I immediately scheduled an ultrasound with Dr. Scotchie, who then confirmed that we had a little jellybean on the way. We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Scotchie and our experience at Tennessee Reproductive Medicine.


The Wood Family