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From L.A. to Chattanooga for Fertility Success

A success story written by our patient

Let me start by saying that I live in Los Angeles, CA and went through several unsuccessful IVF treatments here in California first before coming to Tennessee Reproductive Medicine (TRM) for a very successful IVF treatment.

I started fertility treatments at age 37. My husband and I encountered several problems along the way that took a few years to get medically corrected. During this time we had several IVF treatment starts but would encounter a problem and were unable to proceed.

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By the time I was 40, in Los Angeles, we were able to complete an IVF cycle, which was ultimately unsuccessful. At age 41, also in Los Angeles, we completed a second cycle and did get pregnant. However, we lost that baby girl at just over 12 weeks.

Since I am originally from Chattanooga I had heard of several success stories and recommendations of Dr. Jessica Scotchie. So we made the decision to make our final try with Dr. Scotchie at TRM.

Our experience was incredible from the first phone call. There were many challenges, from the time difference and daily medication changes to geographic challenges for examinations. I spent six weeks in Chattanooga to complete the cycle.

Every step of the way at TRM was pleasurable and every employee went above and beyond our expectations to help us overcome all of these challenges. During my treatment, I saw both Dr. Scotchie and Dr. Murray, and found both doctors to be very thorough and run on schedule. During our cycle we were again met with challenges but both Dr. Scotchie and Dr. Murray worked together to help me and my older body overcome these challenges.

As my primary physician, Dr. Scotchie made us feel as if I was the only patient that she was concentrating on. Even though that was far from reality, the focus and personal attention she gave to us made me confident that we had made the correct decision to go to TRM.

The day of transfer I was a nervous wreck. I felt excited that we might get pregnant and have the miracle baby that we had been actively trying to conceive for over five years. At the same time, I was scared that we would get pregnant and go through the painful and overwhelming grief of losing another baby.

Dr. Scotchie talked with me and calmed me in a way that would remind you more of a mother or best friend than your doctor. I think it is important to say at this point in the story that no matter what our outcome had been, I would highly recommend TRM and would use them again if I could!

I am very glad to report that our cycle was successful and we were blessed with a wonderful baby boy! I left town a few days after the transfer and Dr. Scotchie stayed on top of everything that was happening with me by collaborating with a clinic here in Los Angeles to monitor me. In addition, she stayed in touch personally by texting and phoning from time to time to check on how things were going with me.

My son is now almost 5 months old and Dr. Scotchie has been keeping in touch with us all the way. That is the type of doctor you want to work with when dealing with such personal and emotional matters. She is incredible! I highly recommend TRM.


Christie Gleeson