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IVF Guarantee Programs

Our fertility guarantee programs are designed with one goal in mind: the birth of your baby. Knowing you’ll stay within a set budget will give you peace of mind and lead to decreased stress during the treatment cycles. We are invested in our patients’ futures and committed to making sure our patients achieve their goal of having a family. This is why we offer our patients who were not able to have a live birth, a money back guarantee.

We are confident about the quality and success of our fertility treatments. We are the only practice in Tennessee offering eligible patients* a guarantee that they will bring home a baby or receive a 100 percent refund on their treatment costs.

For complete information about the medical criteria and to see if you qualify for either program, please contact us online or call 423-509-8094.


IVF guarantee

  • Up to three (3) fresh IVF cycles plus all frozen embryos until live birth occurs or all embryos have been used
  • Patients who do not have a live birth receive 100 percent of their money back
  • Cost of the program is $27,810
  • Cost of IVF with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) biopsy $30,900 (PGT testing is a separate fee)

Egg donor with IVF guarantee

  • Up to 20 mature donor eggs as directed by TRM physicians, plus all frozen embryo transfers derived from initial fresh IVF cycle until live birth occurs or all embryos are used, whichever occurs first
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee for patients who do not have a live birth after egg donor IVF cycle(s)
  • Cost of egg donor with IVF guarantee is $37,132

*How to qualify for either program

To qualify for the IVF Guarantee or Egg Donor IVF refund programs, patients must meet certain criteria. The IVF Guarantee program requirements include that the female partner be a nonsmoker age 38 or younger, and must complete her treatment by her 39th birthday. The Egg Donor IVF Guarantee program requirements include that the participating woman must be under 50 years of age and complete all required treatment by her 50th birthday. Additionally, male semen must possess >500,000 sperm per ejaculate.

Those who are interested in our guarantee programs have to meet additional health criteria that will be reviewed by one of our fertility specialists during their appointment. Both programs are for self-pay patients only.