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Many couples have questions about what normal fertility is and about when they should begin to worry. The truth is, that some couples should worry sooner than other couples should. It is our hope that this iCare Health Library will help you understand not only normal fertility, but the common causes of infertility and reproductive disorders, and help you decide the right time for you to seek help.

Fertility is generally regarded as normal if pregnancy occurs within one year of unprotected intercourse. But it’s not appropriate for all couples to try for a year before seeking care. For example, if a woman does not have menstrual periods, she should seek help immediately because she is not ovulating. Also, because fertility declines with age, couples nearing their mid-30s should seek care if they are not pregnant within six months.

At Tennessee Reproductive Medicine, we are committed to helping patients understand their conditions and treatment options. We take the time to answer questions and explain procedures every step of the way. In addition to working with our doctors, nurses, and staff, we encourage you to explore the medical information resources available in our iCare Health Library.

In our library, you’ll find fertility info articles on a wide range of fertility topics, from basic conception to complex infertility conditions and reproductive technologies.

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Getting Pregnant

Conceiving a child can be elusive and frustrating. Learn about male & female anatomy, typical pregnancy rates, when to seek help & how to get pregnant.

Donation & Surrogacy

Surrogacy and egg, sperm, or embryo donation are fertility treatment options at TRM that may allow infertile couples to achieve pregnancy or parenthood.

Check Your Fertility

Take TRM's fertility quiz to check your fertility and find out if you should contact us for a consult with one of our Fertility Specialists for treatment.

Infertility Causes and Risk Factors

Often, infertility conditions in men and women aren’t clear or detectable at the outset. We offer infertility testing and treatments when getting pregnant naturally isn't working.


IVF, either standard IVF, mini IVF or natural cycle IVF, is the most effective fertility treatment and involves fertilizing a woman’s egg with sperm outside the body and placing the embryo in her uterus.

Infertility Treatments

There are many possible treatments for infertility offered at TRM and our physicians will direct you towards best approach for your specific situation.

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